Research Interests

All Research has been gratefully supported by the American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund #28704-GB3.

1. Ferrocene based Polymers

2. Chiral Ferrocenes in Catalysis
Chiral catalysts are sought for drugs, pesticides, pheromones, and fragrances. A tiny amount of a catalytic chiral reagent can yield large quantities of chiral product. Oftentimes, chiral centers are located at a phosphorus atom in the catalyst. Also, ferrocenyl systems have shown to be effective catalysts such as the diphenylphosphinoferrocene (dppf) ligand on Pd which catalyzes carbonylative coupling and cyclization yielding skeletons of biologically active isoflavanones and aurones. We wish to incorporate the chirality that phosphorus offers onto the ferrocenyl system. To date, very few chiral ferrocenylphosphines exist. The molecule shown below has been synthesized in our lab. The potential exists for unique bonding between the P atoms and other metals due to the adjacent N atom and its lone pair. There may be an enhanced catalytic reactivity with these ligands. These studies are ongoing.
3. Heavy Metal Reduction in Waste Streams