Paul F. Brandt, Inorganic Chemistry

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Office: Science Center 119
Lab:     Science Center111

Department of Chemistry

Phone: (630) 637-5193

30 N. Brainard St

FAX: (630) 637-5180

Naperville, IL  60540


I obtained my B.S. in Chemistry in 1984 from Southwest State University in Minnesota . I immediately began my Ph.D. studies under the guidance of Dr. Arlan D. Norman at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I taught for one year at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest IL and returned to Colorado to finish my Ph.D. thesis on functionalizing polyphosphines in 1990. I worked as a Postdoc at the University of Illinois under Dr. Thomas Rauchfuss in the area of organometallic polymers. I started my teaching career at Western Carolina University in 1992 and moved to North Central College in 2001. 


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